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Snickerdoodles – gluten free and paleo

  I just love the name of this little treat. Snickerdoodles. I just think it sounds like something you would eat at Hogwarts or while climbing up to the top of Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree.  This is a classic American cookie which you can create in less than half an hour.  I even made this… 

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Slow cooker beef hash recipe

Pretty Ugly Slow Cooker Beef Hash

When I create a meal that everyone enjoys, and wants more of, it feels great.  To be able to add another recipe to my list of family favourites makes me want to punch the air and dance. It also makes me incredibly eager to share the recipe on this blog so you can try it… 

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Apple Apricot Cake Gluten Free Paleo

Apple and Apricot Traybake (Gluten Free and Paleo)

I mentioned in my last post that I helped, Bodice of Holt, a local fruit and vegetable delivery company at the Melksham Food Festival.  As well as manning the stand on the day  I had also made some apple and apricot tray bake which I created for the visitors to the festival to sample.  The idea behind my recipe was to… 

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Featured image Melksham food festival

Melksham Food and Drink Festival, Wiltshire

A few weekends ago I was given the opportunity to champion the work of a local fruit and vegetable delivery business, Bodice of Holt.  They had a stall at The Melksham Food and Drink Festival.  I am a regular customer of theirs and work on their online marketing too so I was really happy to spend… 

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featured image fine motor skills

Clothes Peg Activity – Developing Fine Motor Skills

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This is a quick post to record a very simple learning activity I did with my youngest.  I asked her to remove, our new purchased clothes pegs, off of the cardboard they were packaged with and place them in the peg basket. She loved being involved in a grown-up activity and… 

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Coconut dough balls

Coconut dough balls

  These are my treat of choice at the moment. Sweet and a great afternoon snack to combat the 3pm slump.  They are also a great lunch box addition and the children love them.   The best bit is they consist of 2 ingredients or 3 at the maximum!  It’s feels a little bit cheeky… 

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Silent Sunday

Suitcase planted Chelsea GLF

RHS Chelsea Flower Show – part two

My previous blog post called RHS Chelsea Flower Show – part one looked at many of the outside displays.  This blog post looks at the delights of the Great Pavillion.  I confess to being completely surprised that I loved it. Prior to visiting Chelsea I had formed the opinion that the Great Pavillion was for the more traditional gardener…. 

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Chelsea Flower Show Planted welly boots hamptons GLF 450

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014 – part one

I was raised surrounded by keen amateur gardeners.  My parents would always spend Friday nights watching ‘Gardeners World’ on the telly. Family holidays often incorporated a visit (or two) to a garden centre (my brother and I opting instead to sit in the car, listening to Walkmans and reading comics).  Our family garden was filled with non-football loving… 

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Flourless Orange Cake loaf

Flourless Orange Cake Recipe

I discovered this recipe in a book called . The recipe sounded a little quirky to be able to cook it without any form of flour but I am trying to find lots of yummy, gluten free recipes so I thought it was worth ago. I’m so glad I did. It is absolutely delicious. Moist, cuts easily… 

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Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets with Title

Homemade Chicken Dippers – Gluten Free

I have been wanting to make chicken dippers ever since my eldest started eating solids (five and half years ago) but thought it was too fiddly and time consuming. Boy was I WRONG. It turns out these are very, very easy. They taste good. The kids loved them and they are healthy.   Big bonus…NO… 

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deluxe gluten free granola

Make Your Own Gluten Free Deluxe Granola

  This incredibly deluxe granola has become one of my favourite discoveries. It is so good that I have had to stop myself from eating it all the time.  It is packed with so many lovely goodies and has far less sugar than shop-bought granola.   I have written down the ingredients that I used… 

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Banana bread muffin

Banana Bread Muffins

It took several goes to perfect this recipe for Banana Bread muffins.  There has been several inedible versions which have been promptly spat out and binned but I was determined to find a healthy, low sugar, non-processed, gluten free, and most importantly delicious banana muffin. Something we could eat for breakfast or an afternoon snack.  However… 

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