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Breakfast Egg muffins omelette paleo

Breakfast Egg Muffins

Once I decided to reduce the sugar and start eating real, unprocessed food I soon realised that breakfast was going to be a challenge. Finding something else to eat rather than cereal or my favourite yoghurt, granola and maple syrup combo was difficult.  However these mini breakfast omelette muffins have really worked for me.  They are super… 

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The beginning – Quitting Sugar

I explained in my last blog post that I have started to overhaul my diet by reducing processed food and eating fresh, real, nutritious food. The first question to tackle was where to start? And for me the decision was simple ‘sugar’. It was the thrush and my erratic mood swings that put reducing my sugar… 

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Starting to get real

Things are shifting around here.  Big changes are occurring.  It’s been going on for the last 5 weeks now.  I have waited before sharing on the blog, to clarify it all in my mind. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t, as my Mum would put it, just ‘a phase‘.  But I feel it’s time to… 

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Chunky Breakfast Bars

I do admire Nigella Lawson’s ability to come up with recipes that are easy to throw together and are very tasty.  Her recipe for Breakfast bars are no exception. Easy ingredients, easy to assemble, easy to bake and easy to eat. I enjoyed the amount of nuts, oats, seeds and dried oats crammed into the recipe but… 

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My Child Wont eat book review

My Child Wont Eat – enjoying mealtimes without worry

My Child Won’t Eat! - How to enjoy mealtimes without worry by Carloz González Several weeks ago I came across a worried Mum who had posted a status in a parenting Facebook group.  She was incredibly concerned about how little her son was eating. There were lots of people offering advice and many were commiserating that, they… 

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Green soup with cheese

Green Soup with Cheese

I have always found it hard to do the popular January healthy eating resolution and prefer to wait.  It’s usually when I can see Spring, peeping its head around the corner, that I consider changing what I eat.   I think it is something to do with the fresh buds and lighter days that make… 

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MAD blog award nomination

This is a very quick post to acknowledge a special moment in the life of Grubby Little Faces.  Today I was pleased to discover that this blog has been nominated for ‘Best Food Blog’ in the MAD blog awards.  (MAD stands for ‘Mum And Dad’ award…honestly!).   Just imagine my surprise.  I hadn’t even voted for… 

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Spicy Treacle Traybake

Spicy Treacle Traybake Recipe

Chase these miserable, rainy days away by baking this spicy, warm, treacle cake. This is great on its own, perfect for freezing and can even be warmed and served with custard, cream or ice cream.  I sprinkled some icing sugar over this batch to give it a little extra interest when serving on its own.

Marmalade tray bake cake

Marmalade Cake Traybake Recipe

A favourite breakfast combination for me is a hot pot of tea and marmalade on toast.  I was brought up with the very best marmalade (made by my Mum) and I now enjoy watching my family enjoying the sharp, sweet bitterness of this preserve.  So what could be more perfect than to extended this love… 

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slow cooker book cover

Slow Cooker Freezer Meals eCookbook

Howdy folks, My slow cooker ebook is finally here! I cannot tell you how excited (and nervous) I am to release this.  It has been a labour of love and has given me even more respect to anyone who has written a book.   My ebook is in PDF format and full details of what… 

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Messy painting play

Silent Sunday

Cosy and warm so why the sad face?

Silent Sunday

Autumn leaf activity

Autumn Leaf Lantern

This is an easy, low cost activity to do with children of different ages.  Equipment: Leaves PVA glue Brushes Large glass jars Tea lights  Collect the leaves – smaller ones and red ones are particularly good Dry them gently Then cover them in glue and stick to the jar When they are finished leave them… 

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