A party without cake is just a meeting

To me it is always a celebration when cake is involved. Whether it is to mark a special event or to just rejoice in the passing of a busy morning with afternoon cake and tea.

Cake is a part of my childhood memories.  Did anyone else go on family holidays with a home-made cake packed neatly in a cool bag underneath the passenger seat?  Upon arriving at our holiday home we would unpack and excitedly explore around the house. Then the cake, usually a fruit cake, although in more recent years a deliciously moist carrot has been known to creep in, would be unpacked and presented on a  tray with a hot teapot full of tea and unfamiliar cups.  Then we would happily sit back and enjoy our afternoon treat and discuss what our plans were for the week.

Birthday’s would always have a home-made Birthday cake.  None of the garishly bright, synthetic cakes which come so prettily wrapped on our supermarket shelves.  These were slightly wonky cakes decorated with home-made butter cream icing, spread thickly with the back of spatula. Their decoration consisted of fresh strawberries, raspberries or chocolate buttons.  The emphasis of these Birthday party creations was on luxury, indulgence and the delicious lightness of the sponge.

I agree with Julia Child’s quote (an american chef, author and tv personality).  A party is not a party without cake.  However there were many meetings in my corporate years that would have improved vastly by a large slice of home-made cake.

I would love to know if you have any childhood memories of cake?

Thank you for letting me reminisce.


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