This blog makes money through online advertising – which makes this site free for you to use.  I’m not trying to pull a fast one or rip you off, but I do like to pay myself for the work I put into this site, so I’ve put together an advertising policy that works best for you and for me.  If you have any questions you can contact me here.

1) I will not sell your personal details onto a third party – advertisers on our site may have access to your behaviour via cookies, but not your data.
2) I place ads based on where they perform best – if a page happens to sell lots of computer games, we will advertise more computer games on that page. That’s reasonable right?
3) I will not use behavioural targeting unreasonably – if you go to a site about watches we will assume you are interested in watches. It’s not a sinister action, it just makes sense. You don’t have to buy the watches.
4) I run more ads than it is reasonable to keep track of, therefore if you have a complaint about an ad for any reason, please get in touch with me and let me know and I will do what I can about it – it’s not in my interests to displease my readers*
6) I do not allow auto-initiated sound – that means ads are not allowed to have the sound switched on when the page loads. If you see an ad which does this, please let me know and I will hunt it down and switch it off as soon as possible*
7) I do not allow ads which make you download anything (especially viruses!), or which break the site in anyway. If you see an ad which does this, please let me know and I will hunt it down and switch it off as soon as possible*
8) If you see something you like advertised on our site, why not click the ad and buy it here? If you like my site, even if I don’t make money directly from the sale (not all adverts work that way) then it may at least make the advertiser like me more, and therefore spend more with me. And of course more money for me, means a better site for you. If you like your local shop more than your local supermarket, you may go there more to support them, and this is no different to that.

I’m not trying to trick you into buying things you don’t want or need, I’m just making you aware of the dynamic you are already involved in, so that you can consciously take part. Advertising has been rightly and wrongly demonised over the years, but it’s part of keeping the internet free, so working together I hope it can make it a more reasonable payment system for everyone.

* To help me find the offending ad, please send me he URL you saw it on and what country you are in if possible.

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