When I started clearing out our bedroom I made a conscious effort to notice which areas of the bedroom were causing the most problems. Which areas are always untidy? What can I never find when I am trying to get ready in the morning? What keeps creeping out of the drawer and cluttering up any available flat surface?

Key problem areas I identified were:

  • jewellery – never wear because I can’t find or too tangled up
  • make-up drawer – messy and everywhere
  • underwear drawer – disorganised
  • night stand – crammed full, can’t see anything in it

So I have been on a search around the internet to see what ideas and products are out there to help.


 Cox and Cox – Jewellery Frame £32

I really would like to make a jewellery tidy like this. I can imagine it hanging on the back of a wardrobe door.



This Jewellery hooks from Notonthehighstreet are only £18 which might be a quicker alternative to me making something.


Or this one could be personalised for £26.50.

bonne nuit glass and jug
Why doesn’t my night stand never look as pretty as this Cox and Cox Water jug and glass £15.50? Gorgeous and sophisticated.

amelie pen potGreat Little Trading Company – Pen Pot £30

I’m wondering if I could use this desk tidy beside the bed? Pens, glasses, phone, notepad could all be put in here. I could even put my glass of water in it to stop it getting knocked over in the night.

So much temptation but then again it is Mother’s day on 10th March so maybe I could drop a few hints between now and then. 

Thanks for reading


Clare x

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