Simple cosy home at winter using light

  Tealight Lamp

This time of year when the magical twinkle of the Christmas lights have been packed away I need the restful glow of a small side lamp or candle.  These make the house feel warm, cosy and inviting.  Light affects the entire room and mood. I rarely turn the ‘big light’ on in each room as they feel too harsh. Most actually have dimmers on to allow for them to still have a softer appearance.

Standard lamp

I use our lamps and candles as part of our routine.  When at home during the day I put a big standard lamp in the corner of the lounge. Then when I leave to pick up our daughter from school I put on a side lamp so that when we return the house welcomes us home.

Kitchen sidelamp

Beaconing us into the warmth. Once inside coats are removed,  kettle on and I start to move around the house turning on the other little side lamps. Time for a cup of tea and play while I prepare the dinner. Then as the afternoon turns to evening candles are lit.

Candle Flowers

One for the dinner table and a selection on top of the piano away from tiny hands.  Then finally, once the children are tucked up in bed, we light the fire.

Heart tealight holder

This ritual helps me get through the cold, dark, winter days with the air smelling of home fires. It makes me hurry back home to its glowing, golden light.



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