Excuse me for a while but I’m giving Grubby Little Faces a little bit of self-promotion today. We have just heard that we are now in the top 20% of  UK parent blogs and have now ducked under the 1000 mark so that we currently sit at 995 out of 5000+ registered sites.

Grubby Little Faces top parenting blog

This is all run by Tots100 who are a great source of information should anyone be interested in starting their own blog.  They work out the ranking by various ways but it’s mainly done by looking at how many people visit the site and how many people engage with Grubby Little Faces on twitter and on our facebook page.  So I basically have to make what I do interesting and engaging. Sounds fair enough really. Dull content = less readers.

A lot of  ‘experts’ suggest that you don’t shout about your ranking until you are within the golden 500 but in this instance I disagree. I’m proud of this site. It’s growing and developing. The key reason I do this blog is to pass on information, ideas and have fun helping others.  Therefore by being open about my blog ranking I hope it will inspire others to write their own blog.

I want to thank everyone who reads this blog, who comments on our facebook page and tweets with me.  I am having a blast with this and I hope we continue to move up the charts!

Thanks and I hope you all have a Happy Friday.


P.S. The picture above of our youngest daughter was edited using Picmonkey. It’s an amazing site where you can edit your pictures for free.

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