Before I started Grubby Little Faces I had a craft and sewing blog where I recorded the creations I had made for my family or friends plus I sold a few hand-sewn pieces through it.  Grubby Little Faces has subsequently grown and grown and I now spend most of my personal blogging time here.  In order to simplify things I am carefully brushing them off and transferring them over to this blog.  I hope you enjoy them.

This ribbon wreath was fun and easy to do.  It does take some time to create but the tying of the ribbon into bows can easily be done whilst watching telly or perhaps while you listen to an audiobook.  This ribbon wreath was made as a Birthday party decoration. My friend’s daughter loves Lalaloopsy so this was created using the same colour palette and by embellishing the ribbons with buttons and tiny Lalaloopsy dolls onto the ribbons.

What you need to make your own ribbon wreath

Equipment needed for a DIY ribbon wreath

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InstructionsEquipment needed for a DIY ribbon wreath

1.    Start by covering the wire on the florist wreath with ribbon until it is completely covered all over.

Wrapping ribbon around florist wreath

2.    Taking small pieces of ribbon and tie bows around the the wire.

3.    Continue until completely covered and then sew large buttons on to the ribbons and secure the lalaloopsy doll.

4. Hang the finished wreath on a door or wall.  

How to make a lalaloopsy ribbon wreath

The finished result was colourful, fun and eye-catching.  I could see this working well with red, white and green for Christmas, Orange and Black for a Halloween party or perhaps use just pastel coloured ribbons for a more Spring themed decoration. Looking for more ribbon wreath ideas? Why not follow my Pinterest board for more ideas. 

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Please note this post originally featured on my sewing blog ‘Button Patch’ but has been removed, rewritten, and transferred here.

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