small What do you think was the first thing that popped into my head after finally clicking the ‘buy now’ button for my BlogFest 2013 tickets?…..

“What the hell am I going to wear?”  

Yep, I’m that shallow.  This thought was swiftly followed by:

“I must not wear jeans. I wear jeans every single day. DON’T WEAR JEANS!  Ahh but what about jeans and a smart jacket? Oh yes, that’s an improvement on jeans and a cardigan… And a necklace. Yes, a big necklace! To detract from the jeans.”

Which finally led me onto something just a little more intellectual:

“Jeeeeez. This is big blogging stuff.  Am I ready for this? “

You see, it appears, BlogFest 2013 is quite a big thing in the blogging world.  I understand it is incredibly professionally organised.  It’s in London. It has big name speakers and panelists. The keynote speech is by the comedian Jo Brand.  TV and radio presenter, Richard Bacon, is chairing a discussion on ‘What kind of internet do we want?’. The highly intelligent and delightful Professor Tanya Byron  will be discussing – how technology will shape how we think. 

There are also many top ranking bloggers willing to pass on their knowledge and experience.  Jack Monroe from A girl called Jack has written incredibly hard-hitting, thought-provoking pieces about life on the breadline. She is debating ‘how the effects of social media can change our world’.  Accompanying her on the panel will be Tanya Barrow, of Mummy Barrow, whose twitter usage is epic as is the work she did raising funds for Red Nose Day. Maggy Woodley of the craft inspiring blog Red Ted Art. I love her blog, her book and her enthusiasm for child led craft. The funny and charitable Annie Spratt of Mummasaurus, who I listened to at a Tots100 event earlier this year, and was thoroughly entertained by.  The list goes on and no doubt, after the day, I will have been impressed by even more blogs and bloggers.

From 9am to 7pm I will be talking, listening and contemplating all things blog related and, clothing problems aside, I cannot wait. 

Now if only I could find my best clean jeans?

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