June Income Blog Report

I thought it would be helpful and fun if I gave a sneak peek into the statistics behind Grubby Little Faces each month. I am just a little bit nervous about revealing all.  It makes my blogging very transparent but I think it could really be interesting to record for myself and anyone else who is interested in the mechanisms behind blogging.  You see when I first started blogging I was desperate to find answers about the science of blogging.  I followed many amazing blogs but very few actually discussed the actual nitty-gritty details of running a blog.  I used to search and search for real blogger’s who were answering questions like:

  • How many people read their blog?
  • How do they get more people reading their blog?
  • What was their most popular blog post?
  • How do they get ranked so highly in certain charts?
  • Do they make money from their blog?
  • How much money can a blog make?
  • How do you make money from a blog?

I have lots to learn about blogging and I am still experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t.  I am hoping to be able to report back each month to show you what I have learnt.

These reports will always be towards the end of the month as that is when I get all the statistics together.  So let’s get started.



Traffic is the term used when referring to the visitors to a website.  I use google analytics to help understand who has visited my site, how they got there and what they did when they were on it.

 June google analytics

Looking at the graph I had a total of 1,645 sessions (people visiting the site) and out of that there was 1,377 users so 268 people were returning visitors.   I like seeing that I have a proportion of readers returning as it demonstrates that I have a website people are willing to return to again to read.  Another statistic I am very interested in is what the average number of pages per session people have looked at. For June this was 3.99 pages. Indicating that the website was interesting enough for people to have a look around.

June google analytics

The table above shows the top 10 ways  I got those 1,645 visitors.  First as you would expect is Google organic search (organic meaning ‘not paid’ it is searches done by people).  This is good to know that you are appearing in google search enough for people to be finding your site. Pinterest is my second source of traffic and this is mainly from my Pirate Party post and more specifically the cheeky Pirate Bananas.  It’s an image that has been pinned hundreds of times.



June foodies100 ranking

Ranked 354 in the Foodies100 listing.  Foodies100 is the UK’s largest network of food and drink bloggers, with more than 2,500 members.  Unfortunately my ranking is down 54 places on previous month.


tots100 blog ranking June

Grubby Little Faces is listed within the Tots100 network.  This is a register of more than 8000 Mum and Dad bloggers. 8000!!  Bloggers!! Incredible. So to be 864 is not too shabby a ranking but I would love to see this blog in the top 500 by the end of this year. 


Klout is a tool for assessing what your influence is within social media.  They rank people out of 100. Your Klout score also impacts your ranking in networks like Tots100 and Foodies100.  Mine for June was around 46. 

LEARNING/ACTION POINT – When looking at my ranking I checked that my profile on both networks was up-to-date. They weren’t. FAIL. The ages of our children were wrong but more importantly information was missing from some of it.  Links to my Facebook page, Pinterest and google+ page were all missing plus tots100 added Instagram this month.   Filling all these in is important if you want to rank in these networks because they count towards how they rank you. 


Talking opening about my blog income feels weird.  Like boasting or too much information but I do believe the most interesting part for bloggers.   So often  you come across blogs claiming they make really good money from their blog and it all seems really easy and too good to be true.  So I want to know can I really make money from blogging?

My Freezer to the Slow Cooker eCookbook was released in January to coincide with cold winter days and to help those wanting to get organised with their cooking.  I wrote it myself  and it is a completely downloadable document.  It was incredibly popular from January to March with sales around £150.  However in the summer months are a quieter time for cooking with slow cookers and therefore sales of the book are low.  I foresee their being some more later in the year and I hope to publish some testimonials from people who have enjoyed the recipes. 

Google Adsense is an advertising channel which puts adverts on your website that should match what your reader is interested in. I have just recently added Google Adsense to the blog in the footer and I’m trying to work out how I feel about adding it in other parts of the blog.  I really don’t want it to distract from the blog content and you don’t have any say over what adverts are placed there.    I then get paid for how many eyes have seen the advert and if anyone clicks them.  I will be reviewing this continually to see if it is actually working.  

I am also interested in affiliate marketing.  Affiliate programmes enable you to talk about products you use and think are really good then place a link to them on your website.  If the reader believes it is something that would be beneficial to them and click on the link and buy/sign-up I would get a %.  I was already an active member of Amazon Affiliates and have joined Affiliate Window Associates, LinkShare, Blue Host,  

June Income

eCookbook = £1.95

Google Adsense = £0.11

Affiliate Window Associates = £0.00

LinkShare = £0.00

Blue Host = £0.00

Amazon Associates = £1.37




Blue Host  hosting of website and domain name = £4.00



TOTAL NET INCOME =   -£0.57 

Not the happiest of figures but a realistic one.  This is the reality of many bloggers we often lose money as it is our hobby or just about break-even.


What I have learnt 

  • Always keep your profiles up-to-date on any network ranking sites
  • That visitors are averaging 3.99 pages per visit
  • I am losing money on the blog – duh!

What I would like to put into action 

  • Play around with the advertising on the blog to increase income without decreasing visual appeal
  • Go through previous posts to see if there are any affiliate links I need to check or add

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!  This has been a mega post but has been incredibly useful for me to take stock of where I am at the moment.   To consider where I want to go next with the blog. 

What do you think? Was this a useful post to see?  Do you have any questions you would like me to answer regarding the behind-the-scenes element to blogging?

Thanks for reading I really do appreciate it.




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