My Imperfect Home

Why do we strive for the perfect?  Perfection scares me. I have a theory that life is about the imperfect. You know when you visit one of those houses that is so clean, tidy and free of any life that it scares you to breath? Or you sit down at a wedding where the table is so delicately, precisely laid that you don’t want to drink or eat at it? What about the perfectly coiffured lady with beautifully manicured nails, make-up, and outfit? She maybe very nice but she intimidates me.

What about perfect blogs? I do like to browse a good looking blog which has pretty pictures, beautiful creations, with happy people having happy thoughts.  I flick them like the pages of a magazine BUT  the ones I stick with are always the ones with imperfections. The ones who show the projects that went a bit ‘wrong’ or are blogging about their toddler having tantrums in supermarkets.

It’s like when I visit someone’s house and I look for the imperfect. Not a nice habit I know but I look for the messy kids room or the dirty breakfast things on the side or a pile of washing in the ironing basket because when I do find it I can relax. I feel real people are LIVING here. They too are dealing with the things I do. Rightly or wrongly I warm to these people more. Imperfections are what allow us to let our guard down and connect us.

So if you turn up to a wedding still applying lipstick and trying to flatten your hair into shape I will definitely want to be sat on your table. If your house has tiny sticky hand-prints on the walls then I am definitely inviting you around to mine.

So I have quickly taken 2 photos from around my home to show you some (there are  more) of the imperfections.

Kitchen cupboard doors tied with ribbon

Our Kitchen cupboard doors tied together with ribbon

This is what my kitchen cupboards look like to keep the twins out of them.

2012 19-36-08

This is a corner in our kitchen. Washing drying and toys piled high.

This is a corner of my home. The amount of stuff the children have had from Christmas is ridiculous and some of it is current stashed in the corner along with our drying washing.

So I’m not going to freak out about the imperfections. I know that my house will never be perfectly clean and tidy but it will be a home.  A warm, inviting, slightly grubby and untidy family home.

Thanks for reading.




  1. Catherine says

    I love this Clare. I have scribble on the wall in our kitchen. Lists of people have asked why I haven’t cleaned it off or painted over it but I think it adds a little bit of history to our home and I remember that I was making a wedding cake for a friend when Róisín drew her masterpiece x

    • Clare says

      Thank you Hayley I really appreciate you stopping by to read. It’s going to be a tough lesson to learn but my whole family will benefit. We are a world continually concerned with perfection and its not healthy.

      I love your and I keep going back to read your posts. You write beautifully and I would strongly recommend people taking the time to visit.


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