Organising the home – Bedroom completed

Week 1 of my house declutter is finished. This week I achieved:

  • Our clothes simplified
  • Our shoes simplified
  • Wardrobe closet completely cleared of unnecessary clutter
  • Things that should not be stored in the bedroom are now in their proper place
  • Bedroom cleaned
  • Make-up drawer cleared out

It’s taken longer than expected and there is still areas in the bedroom to finish but I plan to do all of the house in 4 weeks and then go back again and finish off each room. So by the middle of April I should feel like the house is in order.

The make-up drawer was a disgrace

Untidy make up drawer

 Jewellery strewn all over the place, old make-up, cream without a lid on it. In 15 minutes I had thrown away the disgusting out-of-date make-up, put all the jewellery back in my jewellery bag and cleaned the drawer.

Very tidy make-up drawer

I can now see everything. I need to replenish some of the make-up but generally this should be all I need. What I do think it could do with is some dividers as the items just all get pushed around and it does encourage them to get all jumbled up.  I need something like this.

drawer dividers

I saw this idea on pinterest and I think I’ll create something similar for my make-up drawer.  It’s made with old cereal packets. I’ll post pictures when we have eaten enough cereal for me to have the boxes you need for this.

I think I’ll tackle the kitchen next week.

Thanks for reading.


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