The 5th Birthday party came and went last Saturday for my daughter and her pal. Both our dear sweet girls enjoyed every noisy, sugar laden moment of it. Which is all we ever wanted. Our job was done. We spent a great deal of time creating the decorations.

Rough, wind battered pirate bunting. Square pieces of fabric sewn to bias bunting and then hacked at with a pair of pinking shears.

The girls got involved with the decorations by making some sealife creatures themselves.

Paper plate fish. Cut a pie shape piece out of a paper plate then flip it around and stick it on the opposite side to make the fish’s tail.

An orange sea creatures.

Sea themed party table.

pirate bananas

Cheeky little pirate bananas.

mermaid birthday cake

Pirate treasure map cake for our daughter and an amazing mermaid for her friend. I did what a clever reader of this blog suggested and made the cake out of polystyrene allowing me to make and decorate it well in advance of the party without worrying about the cake going stale.  Then the day before I made a plain cake and put a plain layer of fondant icing on top, cut it up and wrapped the cake and put it into party bags.

They all went home with their party booty in either a cute mermaid or pirate bag.

It was great and exhausting.  That night I was in bed asleep for 9.30pm. Who knew a 5 years old Birthday party could be so tiring? But she loved it so much.

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