Playing outside in the snow

First glimpse of snow

Do you remember being a child and waking up to find snow?  I feel like I remember every single snow day as a child. Birthdays and Christmas’ sort of roll into a mash of memories but the days when snow had fallen are still clear and crisp in my memory. There’s the one where my Dad built an enormous sledge out of old bannister rails and bits of  wood.  It was so big that Mum, Dad, my brother and I could ALL sit on it!!! Or the one where we walked to school and the snow was up to our thighs in places.  Snow days are important as a child and I needed to let the children get out in it and play.

Sharing the first glimpse of snow

It was Annabelle and Charlie’s first real sighting of snow and Daisy couldn’t wait to share.  After a quick breakfast I struggled to get all three children into warm clothes, hat, scarves, wellies.  It took sooooo long.  As quickly as I was putting layers on one they were coming off the other.  Finally we were ready to explore our new snowy wonderland.





When we stopped being able to feel our fingers, we retired home to the warmth, a nest of blankets, cushions, mugs of hot chocolate, ginger biscuits and marshmallows.  Hands-down my favourite bit to being out in the snow.

After snow warmth and comfort

Cosy dog on sofa

Happy snow days everyone.


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