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‘Be Kind’

In our busy, busy lives it’s so easy to forget to ‘be kind’. How ridiculous is it, that we need to be reminded that showing some kindness to others. It takes so little but can mean so much to that person.  And do you know what? It makes you, the giver, feel really good too. Double bonus.

‘The hurrier I go, the behinder I get’ – Lewis Carroll from ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Do you find this? I certainly do. The more I try to rush, the less I get done. This seems to be particularly in December. The more dashing here and there I do, the more accidents I have, I lose more and remember less.  It reminds me of when I try to hurry the children in morning to leave the house. If I’m fussing, rushing and flapping, the children get more flustered and slower. This quote is going on my locked phone screen during December as a reminder to myself. If you’d like it on yours just click and copy the image. 

‘Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity’ – Simone West.

Christmas, the world news and general life pulls my attention into various directions. The greatest gift I can give myself and those around me is my full attention.  To take a moment to put down the phone, magazine or chore. To pause from sorting the washing and really look at my child who wants me to look at their drawing. Or put my phone down and fully enjoy my morning cup of coffee.

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