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One of the biggest assets in my kitchen is my slow cooker.   Our busy lives with work, children, and various commitments means that the slow cooker has been especially useful in cutting down the amount of time we spend in the kitchen in the evening after a really busy day.  A slow cooker is a fab way to easily prepare our family meals with minimum-effort but achieve maximum flavour.  Quite simply I love my slow cooker.

Slow cooker crock pot meal

Time and flavour are certainly good reasons for using  a slow cooker but there are many very good reasons for adding it to your kitchen:

  • Saves money as they require very little power to operate
  • Can use cheaper cuts of meat as the slow and long cooking time ensures the meat is broken down resulting in very tender meat
  • One pot cooking – cooking meat and vegetables together in the slow cooker results in less washing up.  So saving more time in the kitchen.
  • Can feed the family at different times – children can eat at 5pm and then the food is still kept tasty and warm for when G gets home from work.

When I set out to buy a slow cooker over 4 years ago I was looking for certain things.  I wanted a slow cooker that was:

  • Able to use on the cooker top to saute vegetables and meat. I wanted to reduce work load so finding a pot that I could use to prep the food thus reducing washing up was high on my want list.
  • Dishwasher, freezer, fridge and cooker proof.
  • Quite attractive (it’s on the side in the kitchen all day so I wanted it to look reasonable)
  • Large – I love batch cooking. If I’m going to chop vegetables I’d rather do lots and have more for another day.

Slow cooker crock pot saute traditional cookerAfter much research I decided to buy the Crock-Pot Sauté Traditional Slow Cooker, 4.7L  and I am very, very pleased with it (Crock-Pot is the trademark name but is sometimes used to also describe slow cookers).
Product Features I like about this Crock-Pot 

  • This slow cooker enables you to saute (fry briefly) the meat or vegetables on the hob using the removeable ceramic dish which cuts down on time and washing-up
  • 4.7 litre capacity suitable for cooking for up to 5 people
  • 3 settings – keep warm, low and high
  • Removeable stoneware pot can be used on the hob, in the oven, in the microwave and can be placed in the freezer
  • Came with a nice book with slow cooker recipes in it
  • Removeable dishwasher safe stoneware cooking pot
  • I like the traditional look of it and I knew it would go well with the rest of my country style kitchen

Slow cooker in my country kitchen

It isn’t a really cheap slow cooker however, unlike some of the cheaper ones, you are getting the ceramic pot that you can actually cook on the hob or the oven with thus no need for any other cooking pots/frying pans.  I am also certain that it has saved me money not only from how cheap it is to run but from using cheap cuts of meat.

My only regret is I didn’t buy one sooner. I could have used this every night when my husband and I were both out working. It would have been fab to return home to a house smelling of homecooked food and a nutricious meal ready to be served.  It certainly would have cut down on the amount of take aways.  I could also go back further. I think it would have been a real asset when I was a young student living away from home with a small food budget and very little knowledge of how to cook.  Even I could have thrown some vegetables together and a small amount of meat and enjoyed a good meal when I returned to my digs after my lectures.

I am now thinking of buying another slow cooker NOT to replace this one but to add to it.  I really want to do some large batch cooking which I can then put in my deep freeze and have meals ready for the whole month .  Having another slow cooker could also mean I could cook desserts in one (slow cook rice pudding is yummy) and the main meal in the other slow cooker. The whole dinner sorted with very little fuss.

So if you want to regularly serve delicious, stress-free, healthy and economical meals I would really recommend adding a slow cooker to your kitchen and get slow cooking.  You can buy the Crock-Pot Sauté Traditional Slow Cooker, 4.7L  at Amazon.

I  hope you found this useful and if you have any questions about this slow cooker I’m very happy to answer.  I will post some of our family favourite slow cooked meals soon.

Thanks for reading.

Clare x

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