Simple Christmas

Simple ChristmasI love Christmas.  I love the cosy, magical, prettiness of this season.  I love having something to jolly us through the long, dark, cold, winter days. I love getting together with my favourite people. I love seeing the children excited about Father Christmas. I love carols.  I love Father Christmas and all his reindeer. I even love cheesy Christmas music.  

But when did Christmas become about MORE? More gifts, more decorations, more events, more food, more drink, more activities, more debt, more expectations, more stress?  

In an effort to sell more, shops now stock Christmas items in August.  Children receive more and more presents every year – presents in their stockings, Father Christmas presents, presents from family, Christmas Eve presents, even advent calendar presents.  Huge quantities of food and drink are bought and stock piled even though shops are now open more hours than ever before.  Father Christmas seems to appear in more shopping centres every year and he seems to be appearing earlier too.  Poor fella, he’s not getting any younger!

When I recall my own childhood Christmas’ it is the simple things that are special to me. My favourite memory is the night our Mum and Dad to London to see the Christmas lights. We were sat bundled in the back of the car, under a duvet, in our pyjamas.  With the window wound down and the cold, night air hitting our faces we were mesmerised by all the twinkly Christmas lights and the beautiful displays in the windows. It’s these simple moments that I recall.  Experiences over products.

Over the last few years I have really started focusing on enjoying a simpler Christmas. A Christmas which is more about love and less about money.  Where our family peacefully celebrate the lead up to Christmas without being in a constant state of stress. I love Christmas but the frenzy for cramming in more just has to go! 

I have gathered together articles I have written about how I create a simple Christmas. I have included tips, ideas, recipes and thoughts about getting organised enough to enjoy this season without getting frazzled. Obviously you can pick and choose to do to as little and as much as you wish  I just hope there is something here that will help you find YOUR simpler way to celebrate Christmas.  

Creating A Simple Christmas 

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Freeze Ahead Christmas Food

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Very Easy Seasonal Food and Drink 

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Thoughts about a Simple Christmas

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Tips for a Simple Christmas

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